Well I think it is fairly safe to say that this year did not go as planned! We were meant to be getting married in August, however the global pandemic put that on hold until 2021. The year continued to be full of surprises, on my last day in work before I had to isolate due to the COVID rules I had an interview for a secondment to Germany. While clearly the middle of a global pandemic is not the best time to try and move country, we decided to take a risk and I accepted the role in Munich. This means that I now live an hour from the Alps, and hopefully Becky will as well when travel becomes easier again in the near future.

Winter / Pre Lockdown

The first two months of the year started well with plenty of mountain biking, some landscape photography and an enjoyable Scotland trip, it was just a shame that yet again I managed to injure myself on the Scotland trip so was confined to the hut for half of the week. While this meant I wasn’t able to get out and enjoy the mountains, it did give me an excellent opportunity for some more landscape photography, in excellent conditions.

At the time it seemed crazy that the next time I would be in the mountains would be July!

Becky mountain biking near Lydford
Descending back to Lydford
Looking towards Moel Hebog
Post sunrise light towards Moel Hebog
Llyn y Dywarchen from the Nantlle Ridge
Panorama of the Carneddau, Snowdon and the Nantlle Ridge
Crackington Haven
Walking along Loch Ericht in the sun
Steep ascent up the Fara
On the summit of the Fara
Becky descending from Gael-charn Mor
Coire an t-Sneachda on the way to climb the Hidden Chimney
Becky on Hidden Chimney
Becky descending from Cairngorm
Stob Poite Coire Ardair
Laggan reservoir at sunrise
Binnein Shios reflected on Loch Laggan
Panorama over Loch Laggan


We came back from Scotland and then went to our friends’ wedding the next weekend. The next Monday I spent the morning in work, and the afternoon buying essential food supplies before heading into isolation for the next 2 weeks as Becky had developed Covid symptoms. This was the last time I went into the office for months.

A week later and the country went into full lockdown. We are lucky that we could easily escape Bristol to the north and south using our bikes, so we made full use of the quiet roads and did lots of road biking together to keep fit.

As the months went on, the lockdown started to gradually ease and we started to travel in our car to go for cycle rides, walks, and even see people when the rules allowed.

While it wasn’t the spring we anticipated, in hindsight we both really enjoyed all the time we had to go out on our road bikes, and the increased time we spent together at home due to home working.

Bluebells in the setting sun above Triscombe, Quantocks
Sunset from Wills Neck, Quantocks
Descending towards Worcestershire Beacon, Malvern Hills
Sunset from North Hill, Malvern Hills
Sunrise from Crook Peak, Mendips
Sunrise from Crook Peak, Mendips
Clevedon Pier at Sunset
Clevedon Pier at Sunset
Mountain biking in the mendips
Rob biking in Rowberrow Warren, Mendips
Waterfalls in the Olchon Valley

Summer / Post Lockdown

As soon as the announcement was made that we were allowed to stay away we booked a cottage in the Lake District for my birthday weekend. This was our first time staying away in months, and our first time in the mountains.

We had a wonderful long weekend in the Lake District rock climbing, walking and we even ate out! In the escalation of movement, a few weeks later we headed to Germany for my pre assignment trip. We made the most of seeing Louise and Adam, and our proximity to the mountains and tagged a few days on the end to go walking.

It was really great to have a bit of a peak at just how much stuff we could do locally to Munich, and on the pre-assignment trip we even managed to find our new home in Munich.

At the start of August I moved to Munich, and as I was living out of a hotel room and settling into a new country, I didn’t manage to get out that much. However I did manage a few outings over the summer, and some landscape photography.

Becky on Troutdale Pinnacle
Climbing Troutdale Pinnacle
Descending towards Windermere at the end of the Fairfield Horseshoe
Becky on Ill Bell, Kentmere Horseshoe
Descending towards Middle Dodd from Red Screes
Walking along the Sonnenberg ridge, Bavaria
The Sonnenberg ridge
Descending from Bischof, Bavaria
Descending in the Bavarian Alps
A gondola with a view, Garmish
Adam on the Reintalersee Klettersteig
Starnberger See at sunset
Approaching the Seehorn Nordwestgrat

Summer Holiday / Pre Second Wave

At the start of September rates were starting to climb back up, but they were still very low and Becky was able to drive out in the van with lots of our stuff for our summer holiday. After a few days in Munich we had a totally fantastic holiday with good weather every day in some outstanding mountains.

At the end of our holiday we drove back to Munich and moved into our new flat, and started a new chapter of our lives.

Stunning views on the Mittenwalder Höhenweg Klettersteig
Amazing view up the Karwendeltal from the Mittenwalder Höhenweg
Mittenwalder Höhenweg Klettersteig
Descending from the Mittenwalder Höhenweg Klettersteig
Descending in the Brenta Dolomites
Climbing up exposed ladders in the Brenta Dolomites
Amazing exposure in the Brenta Dolomites, spot the person!
Feeling very small in the Brenta Dolomites
Approaching the Rifugio Alimonta
Torre di Brenta towering high in the golden light
A surprise view of the milky way
Sunrise from Rifugio Alimonta
Outstanding exposure and views on Via delle Bocchette Centrale,
Breathtaking ledges on Via delle Bocchette Centrale, Brenta Dolo
Surreal positions on Via delle Bocchette Centrale, Brenta Dolomi
Leaving the higher peaks behind as we descended from the Brenta
Climbing Torre Stabeler Normal Route, Vajolet Towers
Climbing the Vajolet Towers, Dolomites
Cime del Camin from the Rifugio Re Alberto
Vajolet Towers at sunset
Stars above the Vajolet Towers
Surreal exposure on the classic Piaz Arete up Torre Delago, Vajo
Brilliant ridge walking on the Sentiero Massimiliano via ferrata
Exposed scrambling with a brilliant view as we approached the end of the Sentiero Massimiliano via ferrata
Soft evening light over Val Duron
Becky in front of Marmolada on the Laurenzi-Molignon via ferrata
Plenty of exposure on the Laurenzi-Molignon via ferrata
Amazing views on the Laurenzi-Molignon via ferrata
Sunrise from Passo Pordoi
Sunrise from Passo Pordoi
Becky climbing Via Maria up Saas Pordoi
A unique top out at the Saas Pordoi cable car station

Autumn / Second Wave

Unfortunately as we went further towards autumn it became abundantly clear that a second wave was on the way. Thankfully Becky managed to get out to Germany for one more trip before the travel restrictions started to re-appear, and before the lockdowns started again. Also had a visit from David for a long weekend of landscape photography, while we both had some time off work it certainly wasn’t relaxing with far too many 4am alarms.

While it was very frustrating that Becky wasn’t able to travel out to Germany, I certainly made the most of the dry and sunny autumn with new friends and my newfound proximity to the Alps.

Autumnal Kochelsee, Bavaria
An autumnal Obernachkanal, Bavaria
An autumnal Obernachkanal Wasserfall, Bavaria
An autumnal Hintersee sunrise, Bavaria
Maria Gern at sunset, Bavaria
Misty Berchtesgaden, Bavaria
Sunrise over the Watzmann, Bavaria
Sunrise over the Watzmann, Bavaria
First light over Berchtesgarden, Bavaria
A stunning Sylvensteinsee, Bavaria
Zugspitze sunrise, Bavaria
Geroldsee Sunrise, Bavaria
Becky on Seinskopf, Bavaria
Stunning view ascending the Schöttelkarspitze
Becky near the end of the Seinskopf-Schöttelkarspitze circuit
On the summit of the Hasentalkopf
Descending from Hasentalkopf, Bavaria
Mittergern high above Garmish, Bavaria
Looking over towards the Mittenwald peaks, Bavaria
Beautiful views over towards Hirschbichel, Bavaria
A hut on the ascent to the Risserkogel, Bavaria
Amazing view from the summit of the Risserkogel, Bavaria
Looking along our route from the Risserkogel, Bavaria
Beautiful peak out of the woods over Walchensee, Bavaria
View over Walchensee towards the Benediktenwand and the Bayerisc

Winter / Lockdown

As I had not been able to see Becky, and her new working pattern was looking unlikely to be able to start in the new year, I arranged with work to work remotely from the UK for December so that we could spend some quality time together.

It was great to spend quality time with Becky, but there are not many photos as we were in lockdown so not really able to do anything. There was a brief abatement over Christmas, which allowed us to see my family which was wonderful.

Christmas day family walk

The next few months of 2021 certainly look like they will be fairly miserable, however with a vaccine now being rolled out I am being optimistic about what 2021 will bring. Hopefully by this time next year we will have had 3 seasons of living in Munich without too many restrictions, will be married and will be looking forward to another year in Germany.