With the mixed weather while we were in the Rifugio Re Alberto I was unsure if I was going to regret carrying my tripod and landscape photography gear into the mountains.

Thankfully there were some breaks in the cloud which led to some really atmospheric conditions, and I managed to time my brief break from dinner around sunset for the only time there was lovely golden light on the Vajolet Towers.

Later in the evening I then had another go at some more astro photography, which was aided by the rifugio lights illuminating the Vajolet Towers which was a nice surprise.

The next morning was a bit less fruitful, but it was still a nice way to start the day, and I managed to get a few pictures which capture the sunrise.

Moody conditions after Cime del Camin
Moody conditions after Cime del Camin
Vajolet Towers at sunset
Vajolet Towers in the sunset as the cloud rolled back in
Stars above the Vajolet Towers
Sunrise over Cime del Camin
Sunrise vista looking towards Cime del Camin