With a slightly mixed forecast we decided to head into the remote Rifugio Re Alberto to climb on the famous Vajolet Towers. Our main aim was for Piaz Arête which climbs the left hand arête of Torre Delago (left hand tower), however having not climbed for a while, and with the cloud which was around on the first day we headed for a slightly easer route, the normal route up Torre Stabeler, the central and highest pinnacle.

We walked into the rifugio from the top of the Vajolet II chairlift, and made excellent time despite our horrible heavy bags. I again decided to carry my photography gear, but this time it was in addition to climbing gear! When we arrived at the rifugio we were very hot from the hard ascent, but as it was in the cloud it was pretty cold so we soon cooled down.

After a coffee and a hot chocolate to warm up we headed over to our route, and thankfully as we left the hut the cloud cleared and mostly stayed away. We soloed the first easy pitch to get to the start of the route and from there onwards the climbing was really enjoyable. It was never to hard, and there was often not as much gear as I would have liked but it was great to be out on mountain rock again. As it was a Friday with poor weather we also had the entire crag to ourselves for most of the afternoon.

When we got to the top we had a quick drink and enjoyed the view, before starting the abseil descent. Three abseils got us back to the base reasonably quickly and we were soon back at the rifugio for some post climb beers.

Looking up at the Vajolet Towers
Looking up at the rest of the route
Becky after pitch 3
Enjoyable climbing on pitch 4
Becky at the top of pitch 4
Becky leading pitch 5
Not sure if we were on route, but an impressive backdrop neverth
3D climbing while approaching the summit
High above the valley below
Becky arriving at the summit
Summit selfie
Looking back down our approach
Becky on the summit
Another team on one of the smaller towers
Long abseils
Beautiful afternoon when the cloud cleared