Choralpe, Westendorf Paragliding

After a break from flying due to Christmas, we were both keen to get out flying again as soon as the weather allowed. On our first weekend where we were both back in Germany the weather aligned and we headed back to Choralpe, with a friend from our paragliding course. It was a wonderful day of flying with 10 degrees on the summits, zero wind and blue skies, it did feel more like spring than winter! The only downside of the warm weather was how wet out gliders were when we got them home.

Learning to Paraglide

As a child on a family holiday about 20 years ago I did a tandem flight above Morzine and since then I have expected to learn to paraglide at some point in my life, but had always assumed it would be much later in life and I certainly had not considered learning in 2021. However, due to a knee injury our mountaineering options were limited for our September holiday, so Becky suggested that we learn to paraglide as one of our friends had recently learnt in France and was raving about how fun it was. I am sure that people normally decide to paraglide and choose a flight school with more than 3 days notice, which resulted in us drawing a circle around Munich and looking for any flight schools within an appropriate distance which were also doing ground courses on the first Saturday of our holiday. We found a couple of schools within an appropriate distance of Munich and ended up selecting Cloudbase in the Zillertal. Given our experience on the course, this seemed to turn out as an excellent decision as it was a great valley to learn. Read the full article…

Choralpe, Westendorf Paragliding

After 3 days of wonderful skiing above a persistent cloud inversion, it was a treat to drive up the valley this morning and see the peaks from the valley. This could mean only one thing, time to ditch the skies and get into the sky! Due to some fog in the morning I was not entirely sure about if a take off would be possible when I left the valley, so set off with my skis and glider. After a quick blast down an easy run, I caught the lift up to the take off at Choralpe and was pleased to see that the fog was clearing and the landing site was clear. This meant it was time for my first take off with skis on, and needless to say it was a bit of a faff, but the actual take off and landing was very easy. After a bit more skiing with Becky when her lesson had finished, we called it a day and headed down to the valley to ditch the skis and pickup our gliders. We then caught the lift up, walked across to Choralpe and then. Read the full article…


As we only had a half day spare, generally poor weather and plenty of snow which made walking hard work, we decided to head to the Wallberg as we could take the lazy option to the top, have some lunch in a restaurant with a view and then make the short walk to the summit. The weather was better than expected when we got to the top, and there was even a brief glimpse of the sun. Due to this we decided to head to the chapel and admire the view before retreating into the very quiet restaurant for lunch. Feeling lazy and full we then headed off to the summit, which wasn’t difficult due to the excellent trail in the snow. I was last on the Wallberg after a much longer day with James last year. After a quick descent we were back at the lift for the easy descent back down to the car.