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2021 in 100 Photos

Another year has passed and what a year it was with some outstanding high points due to living so close to the alps, but also with plenty of covid induced low points in the first half of the year. The year started with the first variant and a full on lockdown in the UK, which resulted in Becky being unable to travel backwards and forwards as required for her job and me staying in the UK until mid February. It was my first full year living in Munich and I certainly made the most of living an hour from the alps and regularly had my mind blown about what I could achieve without even taking any annual leave! I am not sure I have ever had a year in which I have spent so much time in the mountains, and I am really looking forward to Becky also discovering this properly this year! Winter After heading back to Germany in mid February winter was looking pretty bleak, with most of the snow in Bavaria having melted and no travel possibilities to the higher mountains in Austria. However, the lack of. Read the full article…

Reiderstein Sunset

After some very unsettled weather, summer seems to have finally returned to Bavaria. Given the warm evenings and stable forecast the International Mountaineering Group (IMG), a group within the Munich Section of the Deutscher Alpenverein. It was never planned as a long walk, but a nice social evening with a nice view over Tegernsee and the mountains for sunset. After an easy drive we arrived at the destination and set up on the short, but relatively abrupt ascent up to the chapel at Reiderstein. We arrived in plenty of time for sunset, so enjoyed the view, drank a beer and ate our dinner waiting for the sunset. The sunset was beautiful with clouds to catch the pink light, and clear skies right down to the horizon.

Jochberg Sunset

James and I decided to make the most of the longer evenings by heading over to the Jochberg for a sunset hike. Being only a short walk and only 90 mins from home it was an obvious choice, with the sun setting so far north at the moment, I was hoping for some lovely evening light/alpenglow over the Karwendel, however sadly this was not to be! The walk up was very straightforwards, and we certainly made good time up it as we were at the summit less than an hour after leaving the car. Here it looked like it was shaping up to be a great sunset, and we enjoyed dinner and a beer while we waited. Unfortunately cloud build up on the horizon towards the sunset, which meant that we didn’t actually get a sunset, nonetheless the soft evening light was pleasant up to the point the sun went behind the clouds, and it was lovely to be out in the sun for an evening. Once the sun went behind the cloud we decided to leave, as we had an early start the next morning to beat the thunderstorms. Read the full article…

Ammersee Sunset

After a morning of heavy rain it was forecast to clear up in the evening, I spent most of the day debating if I should stay locally to Munich, or head down the the mountains for sunset. In the end I decided to stay locally to Munich due to the early alarm call for walking the next day, and it certainly wasn’t a terrible decision! I headed to Eching am Ammersee on the north shore of Ammersee, which is renowned for the boat houses in front of the alpine views. It was certainly a fairly nice way to spend an evening, sitting watching the sunset with dinner and a beer, while taking a few photos at the same time. I will certainly be back in the future given that it is 45mins from my front door, and next time I won’t leave just before the sky ignites!