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2023 in 100 Photos

All to quickly it was once again the end of another year and time to reflect on the year. This year we really started to settle into our routine of living an hour from the Alps, with travel being much easier and having settled into Munich life, both professionally and socially. Unfortunately at the start of the year Becky had an accident and badly broke her wrist which was also misdiagnosed which delayed her recovery. This significantly impacted our year as we were unable to climb, klettersteig or ride our bikes for most of the year. The highlights of the year for me have to be Becky’s continued progression at skiing with her initial foray into ski touring, my ski mountaineering adventure on the Ruderhofspitze, my continued paragliding progression with my first flight over 100km, our wonderful holiday together to Slovenia and a beautiful walk near munich with a combination of snow&autumn colours. Winter Winter continued with lots of weekends away skiing with family, friends from the UK and friends from Munich, it seemed like we had a constant stream of visitors which as wonderful. Becky’s progression continued and she. Read the full article…

Soča River

On the penultimate day of our holiday we decided to do a valley walk down the beautiful Soča river, renowned for its gorges and the colour of the water, it really is that colour! Our plan was go straight to the campsite for the evening and then catch a bus up the valley so that we could easily finish our walk at the campsite with zero faff. We were able to check in early at the campsite, and after a quick turnaround we quickly did the 20min walk to the bus stop. Unfortunately the bus never turned up, or at least it was over 40 mins late, however thankfully we were able to hitch a lift up the valley directly to our ideal start place. The spot where we joined the Soča river was immediately beautiful and the first photos of the day were taken, before we headed up into the Korita Mlinarice, a gorge which is just off the main river and is well known for its waterfalls. The walk was mostly very close to the river, which gave plenty of photo opportunities, some of which resulted in me. Read the full article…

Ljubljana Day Trip

On our way back to the mountains from the coast we stopped off in Ljubljana for the day. It was a really beautiful city with a variety of architecture, great views over the city from the castle, lots of regional shops, an outstanding market and full of friendly people. During the day we did a city tour and then explored the city, before enjoying dinner at a restaurant which showcased local food whilst remaining very good value, before heading back to the van. On the way back to the van we walked along the river to capture the city at night, which in my opinion is one of the best ways to capture the atmosphere of a city, especially when there is a river as the city lights and reflections bring the city to life.

Izola sunsets

Due to a poor weather forecast in the mountains we headed down to Izola on the Slovenian coastline. Living in Munich the mountains are very close, but the sea is a long way away, which meant that it was great to be able to drive from the mountains to the cost in only 90mins. On the way out to dinner I was able to capture the sunset as we walked past the harbour, before a lovely dinner with a tasting menu consisting of local seafood and Slovenian wine.