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Sunset, Astro and Sunrise from Rifugio Alimonta

During our hut to hut across the Brenta Dolomites, I perhaps foolishly decided to carry my tripod, filters and wide angle lens with me. This left me with a very heavy bag, but did enable me to make the most of staying high in the mountains and the beautiful evening and morning light. The other advantage of doing the route in September is that sunset and sunrise are both at respectable times, this even allowed me to some time where the sky was actually dark to try my hand at astro photography for the first time. Totally by accident I managed to find the milky way! Despite sunrise being around 7, I still struggled to drag myself out of bed the next morning having not slept that well. But I am very glad I did, as it was a beautiful morning and it was a great way to start the day.

Starnberger See

Munich is very close to a number of large lakes, some of which are easily assessable using the local transport network. So I was keen to make the most of my travel card and head over to one of them for sunset. Unfortunately due to the amount of cloud over towards the mountains it was not the most brilliant sunset ever, but I will certainly be back. It was just a 20min train ride from the central station! Everything ended up being timed perfectly, I got home from work and immediately headed out. Walked around the lake to find compositions until sunset, then headed back and timed it perfectly for the fast train back to Munich. It was really great to be out with my camera, I am feeling a bit rusty at landscape photography so will make the effort to get out more and enjoy the brilliant local scenery.


Having moved to Munich the night before I was keen to get out and do something on my first night living in a new city. After a bit of research I decided to head out to Siegestor which is a triumphal arch which is crowned with a statue of Bavaria. It was not my most successful blue hour photography escapade, however it was enjoyable to be out and is a memory of my first night in Munich. I struggled to get in the correct position with the road and various bits of roadworks which were going on.

Crook Peak Sunrise

After a number of evenings heading out for sunset, we decided to have a change and head out for sunrise. We decided to head to Crook Peak in Somerset and it turned out to be a lovely sunrise. I certainly did not enjoy my 3am alarm call, but it turned out to be worth it. When we got to the top there were two other couples there, and we enjoyed the pre sunrise glow as it became lighter. To start with I had free reign to take photos where I wanted, but by 5mins before sunrise there were about 30 other people who had turned up, including families with small children which as great to see. After sunrise had finished we headed out for a short walk in the relative cool of the morning which was enjoyable as it was fairly quiet other than runners and there was lots of wildlife around there.