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2018 in 100 Photos

Looking back over 2018 it is safe to say that photographically it was a year dominated by snow for me. In the UK we had an exceptional winter which just went on and on, combined with my summer of road cycling which resulted in very few photographs and then an alpine summer which resulted in more snowy photographs. UK Winter Our winter in the UK started with a weekend trip up to Scotland to see some of our friends before they departed to New Zealand for 2 years. We had an enjoyable day walking before a day hiding from the weather. Gael Charn We then were able to make the most of the excellent winter by getting some winter walking done in the Lake District on the Avon Mountaineering Club’s annual winter Lakes trip. Unfortunately due to the quantity of snow it was not possible to climb, but it was certainly a beautiful day. Lake District It was then time for the annual AMC trip to Scotland. This year was the first time the AMC went to Torridon for a week. The week of the trip happened to coincide with. Read the full article…

Autumn in North Wales

I headed up to North Wales with the Avon Mountaineering Club for the autumn north wales trip, a trip which often has really good weather. Unfortunately this year it was not to be and the weather was awful. We made the most of this by exploring the slate quarries in Saturday morning in between the rain, and on Sunday we went for a low level walk around Bedgellert. It was great to photography some of the autumnal colours with the moody clouds due to the poor weather.

Autumn in the South West

Having recently upgraded my camera to a Fuji X-E3 I have been trying to get to know my new camera by making the most of Autumn. A few weekends ago we spent a very sunny weekend in south Devon, while the sun didn’t inspire too many landscape photos, I managed to get a few photos that I was pleased with. Back closer to home in Bristol we were lucky to have some high tides which coincided with sunset and also with some fairly good weather. It was great to get out and capture some of the classic photos of Bristol, I will have to have another go when there is slightly less of a breeze and when sunset is later in the evening so that it doesn’t coincide with rush hour.

A fantastic 2013 in 100 Photos

Somehow we are already at the end of another year, and what a fantastic year it has been! I have somehow summed up my year in 100 photos again. The photos make it look like I didn’t do much rock climbing this year, but that is just that I don’t tend to take my camera to the local crags where I spent a silly amount of evenings in May and June. In total this year I managed 125 trad climbs, 30 winter climbs, 7 walks, 6 alpine routes,¬†3 scrambles, 2 sport climbs, 2 caving trips and 2 via ferratas. I have had such a good year that summarising the high points was pretty challenging: Winter Traverse of the Cuillin Ridge An absolutely fantastic winter season which was ended perfectly by (1) and included many classics including Minus Two, Orion Face, Point Five & Tower Ridge A great two weeks in the Swiss Alps where I climbed 8 peaks Climbing American Beauty and Indy 500 on a fantastic day on Lundy Despite having a generally fantastic year, there were certainly some less good moments: Needing to call mountain rescue in the. Read the full article…