This is the third blog in a three part series from a long weekend of Landscape photography in southern Bavaria. I recently moved to Munich and my first visitor was David, who visited for a weekend of landscape photography. This provided an excellent opportunity to explore as the entire area was still very new to me.

  1. Bavaria Landscape Photography – Exploring
  2. Bavaria Landscape Photography – Berchtesgaden
  3. Bavaria Landscape Photography – Geroldsee

On the last morning of our trip we were starting to feel fairly fatigued by the constant 4am starts, but with a perfect forecast we couldn’t help but go out for another classic location. It doesn’t take much searching on the internet to find some superb photos from this classic location, and given that we were at the end of summer that is clearly shown by the track which has been worn on the way up to the “photographers ledge”.

It was a short walk in from the car park, and I am glad that we had explored the location on a dreary evening a few days previously. In the dark, having not been there before, it would have been very hard to work out exactly where to go. We parked in the small hamlet before making the short walk towards the lake and then up to the ledge.

We knew it was likely to be a popular location, even on a random Tuesday morning, so we got there very early and were rewarded by being the only people there. As it was dark, having visited the location previously was important to get the desired composition, as by the time it started getting light there was a solid line of photographers, and others who had resorted to trying to find a different composition as there was no more space. A world away from our isolation on Grünstein a few days earlier.

As the dawn broke it became clear that there was also stunning scene behind us, for which some compromises had to be made as I didn’t want to lose my spot for the main composition over Geroldsee.

Unfortunately the fog we were hoping for never materialised, however it didn’t stop it being a worthwhile morning in breathtaking scenery. A few weeks later I walked along the ridge in the distance with Becky.

Geroldsee Sunrise, Bavaria
Zugspitze sunrise, Bavaria