With Becky visiting for the weekend and a good weather forecast we wanted to make the most of our local mountains and the beautiful autumnal views. We decided to head down to do a walk from Krün, which is only 90 minutes from Munich!

We did a circuit up to the Seinskopf which then traversed a ridge over to the popular Schöttelkarspitze and then descended down the other side past the Soiernhaus before heading back to Krün.

The ascent was abrupt and most of the height gain was up to the Seinskopf, but as the path was good it didn’t feel too bad and we made excellent time. Thanks to the wonderful autumn colours it was far more enjoyable ascending in the woods than normal. When we started to approach the tree line we were treated to some brilliant views over towards the Zugspitze and a sign of the day to come.

The views from the Seinskopf were just brilliant, with the big glacial valleys and the towns of Krün and Mittenwald contrasting against the German alps, with a sneak peak into the Austrian alps as well. The walk along the ridge up to the Schöttelkarspitze was really enjoyable and we were soon at the busy summit.

After we enjoyed the scenery and had some lunch we started our descent, planning for a beer stop at the hut on the descent. Unfortunately the hut was closed which meant we swiftly continued on our descent back to Krün. We had planned on descending right down into the valley below before ascending back over a col to Krün, but we discovered a path which traversed up high. While this probably didn’t save us any time, it was more enjoyable as we had a wonderful view down the valley, and was less demoralising as we didn’t have to descend just to climb back up a fire track.

The descent from the col was not interesting, but it was quick as it was down a fire track. We were very jealous of everyone who had bikes! We had a brilliant day out which was made even better by it being only 90mins from Munich (at least on the way out….).

Looking towards the Zugspitze on the ascent
Amazing views from Seinskopf
Summit selfie
Becky on Seinskopf
View on the ascent to Feldernkreuz
Becky in front of the busy Schöttelkarspitze
Stunning view ascending the Schöttelkarspitze
Summit selfie on the Schöttelkarspitze
Becky descending from the Schöttelkarspitze
Amazing forested valleys
Becky on the traversing path
Lovely view on the traverse
Total distance: 18.83 km
Max elevation: 1999 m
Min elevation: 857 m
Total climbing: 1542 m
Total descent: -1542 m