With the weather looking significantly better in the east we chose to do another Corbett to make the most of any of the better weather.

The start of the walk took us up the Burma road, which was fairly snowy from a low level. Despite the snow we were able to make good progress and enjoy the brilliant views back towards the Cairngorms.

As the snow became deeper we all put on our snow shoes, which made the path easier, but I don’t think they made a significant difference.

As we left the path to head up to the summit the poor weather came in, so the compass came back out. The show shoes also started to provide a significant benefit and we were certainly grateful for them.

The descent was lovely and it was really great to see the Cairngorms from afar and from up high. It was really impressive seeing the vast expanse and how easy it was to identify a number of the major features of the range.

Looking towards the Cairngorms
Lovely ascent in the sun
Heading up into the snow
Getting snowier
Interesting bridge
Making good progress with snow shoes
Wonderful views back to the northern corries
Some less nice conditions
Summit selfie
Descending with a brilliant view
Beautiful views back towards the Cairngorms
Descending towards the Cairngorms
Becky descending towards the Cairngorms
Total distance: 12.7 km
Max elevation: 812 m
Min elevation: 211 m
Total climbing: 609 m
Total descent: -616 m