The weather forecast for the first day of our trip wasn’t brilliant, so we elected for a short day on a local Corbett called The Fara.

The walk in along Loch Ericht in the morning was beautiful in the sunshine, the estate gatehouse was very impressive. After a relatively short distance we were at the start of the steep ascent up a clearing between different plantations. The start of the ascent was brutal as it involved a very steep ascent with very deep snow.

As we got to the top of the plantations the gradient eased off, and the poor weather started to come in. Becky was able to make good use of her new snow shoes which made the going much easier for her.

As we ascended the weather deteriorated and we were soon in the white room and unable to tell what was up from down. As we were approaching the summit we had to make a detour to avoid a slope which was fairly loaded with wind slab.

After some quick lunch at the summit we made a hasty descent back down. It was fairly easy going down to the plantation, but the steep section down was a pain with very deep snow.

As we got back to the car it started raining heavily, so we certainly timed the walk well.

Walking along Loch Erich
Impressive gatehouse
Walking along Loch Ericht in the sun
Steep ascent up between the trees
Lovely views before the weather deteriorated
Becky with her new snow shoes
Weather starting to deteriorate
On the summit in the snow
Summit selfie on The Fara
Descending in the snow
Total distance: 9.44 km
Max elevation: 901 m
Min elevation: 348 m
Total climbing: 566 m
Total descent: -578 m