After a long hiatus due to lockdown it was great to be back out on the mountain bike at the weekend. We took it nice and easy and headed for a well known loop from the top of Burrington Combe.

As expected after the recent rain the route was fairly muddy, but nothing like the worst that the mendips can throw at you. We enjoyed the initial descent along the top edge of the coombe, before descending to the bottom of Rowberrow Warren and the all too familiar climb back up to the top. Thankfully all my road biking at left me fairly fit so the climb was fairly easy.

Taking it easy we headed down the official blue run in the woods, and it has bedded since I last did it and was much more enjoyable. Maybe it was due to it being less wet, although there were some sections which seemed fairly difficult for a “blue”.

We took the direct (read steep) ascent back up to the top of Rowberrow Warren, and then headed up to Beacon Batch before the final descent back to the car. It was nice to be able to see a bit more than last time I did the descent, as last time it was dark, foggy and raining!

James on the initial descent
Plenty of water around
Very muddy
Rob enjoying the blue
Win-yei on the blue
At the end of the steep climb
Rob at the end of the route


Total distance: 12.76 km
Max elevation: 321 m
Min elevation: 126 m
Total climbing: 399 m
Total descent: -410 m