On our last day in the Lake District we were meant to be going climbing, but having removed a large amount of skin from my heal the previous evening while removing tape I was unable to put my climbing shoes on. Thankfully we had a plan b, and we headed off on a half day walk from our cottage.

We decided to walk from Ambleside up to Red Screes, onto Middle Dodd and then back down Scandale back to Ambleside. The walk was fairly abrupt as we left Ambleside on the road up to Kirkstone pass, as we left the road it didn’t get much easier, but the views did get better. We made good time up to the summit and enjoyed the views. Despite not seeing anyone on the walk up the summit was fairly busy as it is very close to the Kirkstone pass.

We then had the strange experience of descending to the second Wainwright from the first summit. The view down over Brothers Water from the Middle Dodd was brilliant. After a boggy traverse to avoid the re-ascent we were at the start of the descent down Scandale. It was a lovely descent, on good paths where we could avoid the wet ground, and we even encountered some very friendly highland cows!

Ascending between more dry stone walls
Summit view
Becky on Red Screes
Looking over towards Helvellyn
Descending towards Middle Dodd
Becky on Middle Dodd
Summit selfie
View over Brothers Water
Descending into a very green Scandale
Total distance: 12.64 km
Max elevation: 769 m
Min elevation: 54 m
Total climbing: 748 m
Total descent: -745 m