All to quickly it was once again the end of another year and time to reflect on the year. This year we really started to settle into our routine of living an hour from the Alps, with travel being much easier and having settled into Munich life, both professionally and socially.

Unfortunately at the start of the year Becky had an accident and badly broke her wrist which was also misdiagnosed which delayed her recovery. This significantly impacted our year as we were unable to climb, klettersteig or ride our bikes for most of the year.

The highlights of the year for me have to be Becky’s continued progression at skiing with her initial foray into ski touring, my ski mountaineering adventure on the Ruderhofspitze, my continued paragliding progression with my first flight over 100km, our wonderful holiday together to Slovenia and a beautiful walk near munich with a combination of snow&autumn colours.


Winter continued with lots of weekends away skiing with family, friends from the UK and friends from Munich, it seemed like we had a constant stream of visitors which as wonderful. Becky’s progression continued and she had an early birthday present of some touring skis from me so we started doing some piste tours and even one night tour after work. The piste conditions throughout the season were excellent and we were mostly very lucky with the weather on our weekends away.

While the piste conditions were very good, the same cannot be said for the touring conditions and I was only able to manage a limited amount of touring away from piste tours. The highlights being a pre-work sunrise ski tour up Hirschberg and a ski mountaineering weekend where we climbed Ruderhofspitze.

Becky and Katherine skiing at Hochzillertal
Skiing from Wanglspitze, Mayrhofen
Skiing from Hoarbergkarspitze, Mayrhofen
High above the clouds on Gaislachkogl, Sölden
Skinning up to Christlumkopf, Achensee
A window into Austria on a sunrise skitour up Hirschberg, Bavaria
Jana approaching the summit of Hirschberg with a view of the Baumgartenschneid and the Bavarian inversion
Looking into the Karwendel from the Hirschberg Vorgipfel after a sunrise ski tour
Descending from the Hirschberg Vorgipfel after a sunrise skitour
Skiing in Zillertal Arena
Wonderful views on the ridge up to Christlumkopf
A pistetour at Axamer Lizum with the Schneiderspitze in the background
A perfect morning skiing at Sölden
Mayrhofen Skiing with James and Becky
On the way up the Ruderhofspitze on the Alpeiner Ferner
Jana and Rob on the Ruderhofspitze summit ridge in front of the Östliche Schwarzenbergspitze and the Schrankogel
Summit panorama from the Ruderhofspitze including Marmolada, the Stubai Alpen, Ortler, Wildspitze, Silvretta Alpen, Lechtaler Alpen and the Zugspitze
Ruderhofsptize Summit Photo
Rob and Jana descending the Ruderhofspitze summit ridge
Rob descending the Ruderhofspitze summit ridge with the Wildspitze in the distance
Rob and Jana descending the Ruderhofspitze summit ridge with the Wildspitze in the distance
Skiing down the Alpeiner Ferner while descending from the Ruderhofspitze
Becky, Katherine and James skiing at Sölden
Sölden Skiing
Becky skiing at Hintertux to finish the ski season
Wonderful panorama from the top of Hintertux


As we moved into Spring my attention quickly turned from skiing to flying, however the weather had other ideas and the weather took a long time to realise it was spring and I was forced to wait quite some time until good flyable weather arrived. In the middle of April this finally happened and I headed to Hochfelln where I started the flying season as it went on with an absolutely fantastic flight. My first flight of the year was my longest flight at that point with some of the best views I have experienced in the air, although the spring thermals didn’t agree with my body which wasn’t used to flying and I was very air sick.

Throughout the year I didn’t do anywhere near as much flying compared to the previous year, but there was a much higher ratio of high quality flights, the highlights of which being my 74km FAI triangle from Hochfelln, my Vol Biv weekend where I flew from Stubai to Bruneck, my 140km one way from Wallberg to Radstadt and my unplanned flight from Tegelberg to Farchant.

I finished the year with a few short flights in the Dolomites before I completed my first SIV course, which was certainly intense with fully accelerated side collapses on the first flight and self directed Stalls, SAT and Vrille on my final flight.

Flying over Lofer, Austria on a 74km FAI triangle from Hochfelln
Looking over the Loferer Steinberge towards the Hohe Tauern on a 74km FAI triangle from Hochfelln
Flying over Lofer on a 74km FAI triangle from Hochfelln
The Stubai Glaciers on day 1 of my VolBiv from Stubai to Bruneck
Golden Eagle in Gschnitztal on day 1 of my VolBiv from Stubai to Bruneck
Flying in the sun on the way to landing near Bruneck at the end of my VolBiv from Stubai
Flying over Steinplatte with great views towards Berchtesgaden and Großes Hinterhorn on a 140km flight from Wallberg to Radstadt
Flying over Großes Palfelhorn towards the Watzmann, Großer Hundstod and Hochkönig on a 140km flight from Wallberg to Radstadt
Wilder Freiger, Wilder Pfaff and the Zuckerhütl in the Stubai Alps
Looking back down Stubaital
Looking into the Ammergauer Alpen on a flight from Tegelberg
Looking over the Plansee towards the Wetterstein and Mieminger Kette on a flight from Tegelberg to Farchant
Flying over Kohlbergspitze looking over Daniel towards the Wetterstein and Mieminger Kette on a flight from Tegelberg to Farchant
Flying towards the Wetterstein and Mieminger Kette on a flight from Tegelberg to Farchant
The beautiful Sellagruppe from Col Pelous, Dolomites
Flying above Col Pelous, Dolomites
Col Rodella Paragliding, Dolomites

Spring/Early Summer Hiking

With Becky’s wrist we were unable to climb, cycle or do via ferratas in the spring and early summer, but we made the most of living an hour away from some excellent walking in spring and early summer when the weather allowed and did some really fantastic walking, the highlight of which was definitely the Roter Stein with Katherine on her birthday.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria
Descending from Roter Stein with a fantastic view into the Lechtaler Alpen and Thaneller
Zugspitze Bergfeuer
Panorama from the Roter Stein over Daniel, Zugspitze, Sonnenspitze and towards the Stubaier Alpen
Becky descending from the Aiplspitz with a wonderful view towards the Austrian Mountains

Rauris Long Weekend

Visiting the Rauris Valley in the Pinzgau had been on my todo list for a while as it looked like a beautiful valley with some excellent walking, so when a long weekend came around in August it seemed like a perfect opportunity to finally visit the valley. We had wonderful weather for the entire weekend and had a wonderful time, even if on occasion it was a bit too hot! I would certainly recommend the valley for hiking as it was beautiful to be hiking on green alps with a view into the bigger mountains, and there is some mountaineering at the end of the valley on the main alpine ridge so we will definitely go back.

Walking along the ridge above Rauris with a stunning view
On the grassy ascent to Grubereck above Rauris
Walking back to Weichselbachhöhe above Rauris with the Schwarzkopf in the background

German Cities

With our summer holiday plan of heading to the Swiss alps unfortunately curtailed due to Becky’s wrist, we had not developed any alternative plans until the week before. As the weather in the alps was looking questionable we decided to head to Hamburg for a few days, so that we could explore some of Germany which was not Bavaria!

We had a wonderful time in Hamburg where we learnt a lot about the history of the city, including the horrible bombing by the UK in WW2, and enjoyed the local seafood a lot.

Having had such a good time in Hamburg, later in the year we decided to have a long weekend in Berlin. It was a very different city to Hamburg and was certainly very different to Munich. It took us a while to get used to the scale of the city and it was unbelievable to think that only 33 years ago the city was decided into two parts and I certainly learnt a lot of history about east Germany during the trip.

Hamburg Rathaus from St. Nikolai’s Church
Sunset from the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg
The Hamburg Rathaus at night
Brandenburger Tor, Berlin
Neptunbrunnen in Berlin
Berlin skyline at night
Looking towards Berlin from the Siegessäule

Slovenia Holiday

We had been planning to go to the Dolomites for our September summer holiday, but just before the trip Becky came up with the idea of going to Slovenia instead. We had an absolutely wonderful time there due to the beautiful mountains, friendly people and brilliant weather. During our entire time there we were constantly blown away by just how beautiful the scenery was, and when the weather in the mountains became worse, we just headed to the coast to enjoy some alternative scenery, east some wonderful local seafood and drink some Slovenian wine.

After being at the coast we headed to some beautiful caves and then onto to the capital city, Ljubljana, where we enjoyed another wonderful day as city tourists before heading back to the mountains for some more walking and kayaking.

Summit photo on Mala Mojstrovka, Solvenia
Descending from Mala Mojstrovka the Soča valley, Slovenia
Looking back up the beautiful Zadnja Trenta, Slovenia
Martuljški slapovi, Slovenia
Becky climbing Severni raz, Mala Mojstrovka, Slovenia
Dvojno Jezero and Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih in front of Pulaski Vogel, Slovenia
Izola on the Slovenian Cost at sunset
Tromostovje and Prešrenovated trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Looking towards Tromostovje from Mresarski most, Ljubljana, Slovania
Korita Mlinarice waterfalls in the Soča Valley, Slovenia
Velika korita Soče, Soča Valley, Slovenia

Autumnal Sunsets

Having returned from Slovenia, autumn was definitely with us and we made the most of this and the earlier sunsets by heading out for a few sunset hikes. The first to the Rotwand where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Rotwandhaus before heading up to the summit for sunset, and the second was a very last minute post work hike to the Kranzhorn.

Bodenschneid, Brecherspitz and Jägerkamp while walking up the Rotwand for sunset
Moonrise over Großvenediger from the Rotwand
Sunset over the Bavarian alps from Rotwand
Setting sun over Wendelstein from the Kranzhorn

Dolomites Long Weekend

When we first visited Lou and Adam in Munich 5 years ago, we visited the Dolomites for a week and they commented that despite being closer than the Lake District, they probably wouldn’t go there for a weekend as it involved driving past so many mountains. At the time we didn’t understand this, but having been living in Munich for three years, we had failed to make a weekend trip due to the distance!

With a perfect weather forecast we decided to head there for a long weekend just prior to Becky’s return back to Bristol and my SIV course at Lake Garda. We drove down and parked up in the Drei Zinnen car park where we stayed for the night, along with a lot of other people. We woke up to a beautiful sunset, before heading out on the very classic Paternkofel klettersteig, but instead of doing the short circuit, we extended it by descending via the Schartenweg.

We had to have a short day the next day, but certainly got bang for our buck on the Ettore Bovero Via Ferrata, before I dropped Becky off at the train station to make her way back to Munich.

Outstanding view from Forcella Laveredo in the Dolomites
Becky on Sentiero de Luca, Dolomites
Paternkofel summit panorama from the Paternkofel from the Drei Zinnen to the Schusterplatte
Becky on the Schartenweg while descending from the Paternkofel, Dolomites
Becky on the Ferrata Ettore Bovera, Dolomites
Becky at the summit of the Ettore Bovero Ferrata with the Kleine and Hohe Gaisl in the background


Back in Munich autumn was in full swing and we certainly enjoyed it in Munich and in the mountains.

On the ridge up to the Brecherspitz, Bavaria
Stunning autumnal colours looking towards Sonnenspitze and the Mieminger Gebirge while climbing the Schellschlicht
IMG group photo on Schellschlicht
Descending from Schellschlicht looking over the Plansee towards Thaneller and into the Lechtaler Alpen

Photography Weekend

David came out to visit me for a long weekend of photography, and while we were not blessed with good weather, we certainly made the most of the conditions we had and enjoyed taking photos in the Munich U-Bahn stations on the rainy days and was topped off by a wonderful day in Salzburg with perfect weather enabling me to get exactly the photograph that I wanted.

Westfriedhof U-Bahn Station
Autumnal Eibsee, Bavaria
Looking over Salzburg from Festung Hohensalzburg
Autumnal view from Festung Hohensalzburg, Salzburg
Salzburg Altstadt and Festung Hohensalzburg in the blue hour
Müllner Kirche, Salzburg in the blue hour


All too soon winter was making its appearance again, however due to the very late autumn and the early onset of winter it created some mindblowingly beautiful conditions with snow on the autumnal trees. The first winter walk is always special and it was great to do it for the first time this year with Becky.

As December arrived it was back to early season skiing with plenty of snow for early season, which meant that we enjoyed a few good days out before Christmas and the proper ski season

We finished the year back in the UK for Christmas with our families and before hosting a wonderful new year party at ours with friends from Bristol.

When seasons collide on the ascent to Veitsberg
Wonderful views with the contrast of hte autumnal colours with the snow on the ascent to Veitsberg
Looking back towards the Zahmer and WIlder Kaiser as we joined the summit ridge on the ascent to Veitsberg
Looking back down the ridge to the Schmiedtal and onto the Zahmer Kaiser on the ascent to Veitsberg
The Nesselberg, Schmiedtal, Zahmer Kaiser and Wilder Kaiser on the ascent to Veitsberg
Becky nearing the summit of Veitsberg with a view of the Nesselhorn, Chiemgauer Alpen, Zahmer Kaiser and Wilder Kaiser
View from Veitsberg of Hirzer, Malgrüber, Vorderes Sonnwendjoch, the Sonnwend Gebirge and Hochiss
Becky descending from Veitsberg looking into the Bavarian Alps
The direct descent from Veitsberg down pristine snow slopes looking directly south into the Austrian Mountains
Jana skiing at Mayrhofen at the start of the season
Boxing day on Black Hill