The weather forecast for this weekend changed every day last week, one day it was sunny, the next raining, then sunny again, but it generally settled on not very good, but possibly dry. We elected to stay as far north as possible in the hope that the edge of the mountains had the better weather, and based on the views this seemed like a good decision. We decided to head back to Hinteres Hörnle, which I skied earlier this year with Helen.

On our walk up it became apparent that we could not do our planned descent due to closures due to logging, however as it turned out this meant we did a far nicer loop. The ascent was fairly steep up in the woods, however it was fascinating seeing the incredibly bright green spring leaves, especially with the contrast against the evergreen trees. As we emerged above the treeline it was clear that we had made a good decision to stay north, as there was lots of cloud about, and it was very hazy.

We made good time up to the summit, briefly enjoyed the view and then quickly descended out of the cool breeze for some lunch. On our way back down we headed up Vorderes Hörnle and then towards the Hörnle Hütte for a refreshing drink.

The initial descent was fairly steep, but all on good tracks, however the descent then eased as we were walking through alpine meadows, with the start of spring finally becoming visible! There was one small part where a farmer appeared to have unofficially closed the path, which meant we had to walk down a dry stream bed, but otherwise it was a lovely descent.

A window into spring
Apparently the loggers didn’t want the bendy tree
Looking over Oberammergau
The seasons are changing
Lou descending from Hinteres Hörnle
Lou descending from Hinteres Hörnle
Oberammergau and the Sonnengrat
Lou descending from Vorderes Hörnle
Beautiful descent through the meadows
Still enjoying the descent through the Meadows
Total distance: 11.91 km
Max elevation: 1518 m
Min elevation: 662 m
Total climbing: 866 m
Total descent: -866 m