Having returned to Munich it has been strangely warm, however winter seems to have suddenly returned. After an evening of snow, Adam and I headed out to do a circuit above Lenggries including the Schönberg and the Seekarkreuz.

The morning was beautiful, with a cloudless sky, snow down to the valley and cold air. We enjoyed a gentle walk up a snowy forrest, which was much more interesting with the fresh snow. We soon got to a stunning opening, which also marked the start of the proper ascent. This was fairly straightforwards, other than the small part where we went off the path due to following tracks in front of us…

We soon were at the summit, and enjoying fleeting views of the mountains, as unfortunately the cloud had come in. After some well earnt brunch we descended as the weather improved and had brilliant views towards the Hochplatte and Roßstein.

There was one small section of scrambling which we were the first party along, which was fairly interesting, especially due to my route finding error. Once we approached the end of the scrambling, the views were absolutely fantastic.

We were soon amongst the crowds as we approached the Seekarkreuz, after a quick descent we soon arrived at a hut for some food and a beer.

Beautiful views in the morning
A snowy forrest shedding snow
Emerging with a wonderful view towards the Saurüsselkopf
A winter wonderland towards the Saurüsselkopf
Admiring the view
Sunny on the ascent
Heading to the summit of the Schönberg after brunch
A beautiful descent from the Schönberg
Looking towards Hochplatte and Roßstein
Looking towards Hochplatte and Roßstein
At the end of the exposed ridge looking towards Hochplatte and R
Looking towards Hochplatte and Roßstein from the Seekarkreuz
Total distance: 17.58 km
Max elevation: 1600 m
Min elevation: 693 m
Total climbing: 1066 m
Total descent: -1045 m