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Rastkogel Hike & Fly

We headed out above Mayrhofen, taking the Finkenberger Almbahn up to Penken. This meant that we stared high, so enjoyed a nice walk along a ridge up to the Rastkogel. The start of the walk was dominated by the ski area, but the views were fantastic nonetheless. Thankfully we soon left the ski areas and started to feel more remote, especially given there were hardly any people around. The views into the snowy mountains were wonderful, and the snow was just high enough that we had some snow, but nothing to cause us a problem. We made good time on the walk, and I certainly felt the paraglider on my back! On the way up to the Rastkogel I found a few good launch sites, however as I was out walking with Win I just noted them for another time! We made excellent time to the summit where we enjoyed our lunch, it was meant to be sunny but the high cloud wasn’t a problem and there appeared to be a temperature inversion as it was definitely warmer up high. The descent was mostly the same way as the ascent,. Read the full article…

Mayrhofen Klettersteig

After the morning flight, we headed up the valley to Mayrhofen to have some fun on the Klettersteigs. We started up the Pfeilspitzwand Klettersteig, in much better weather than last time, and we made excellent time as it was only two of us. The Klettersteig was as fun as I remember it, however certainly over sooner than we wanted. We decided to head off on the Astegg Klettersteig to the top, which was better than I remember it. Maybe something to do with the temperature being about 15 degrees cooler than the previous time! After a quick run back down we were soon back at the car, having had a brilliant few hours on the klettersteigs.

Zillertal Paragliding

We were staying in the Zillertal so that we could enjoy the alps with Win without having to do 3 hours of driving every day, and so that Becky could finish off her practical paragliding training. Win wanted to get in on the paragliding and did a tandem flight in the morning with out flight school, her pilot was a good friend of the flight school boss who is a designer for Skywalk Paragliders. She went for the Superhöhenflug which ensured fantastic views and a good flight time. After she took off, I then followed and enjoyed a very smooth flight down. It was great to watch her flying and to see the pretty aggressive wingovers which a good pilot can manage! After we finished the flight, we then headed off and climbed the klettersteig from Mayrhofen. Later in the afternoon we met up with Becky and all headed up to Melchboden, where they enjoyed some Kaiserschmarrnn and I enjoyed an evening flight back down to Zell. This was a beautiful flight in the soft evening light.

Hochiss Hike&Fly

With the easing of travel restrictions we had a visitor, so I was keen to make the most of the first day of cool sunny weather as I was expecting that the views would be stunning. I had an idea to walk up a ridge to the final summit of the Achensee 5 Gipfel Klettersteig, as I thought that the views over Achensee and into the Karwendel would be wonderful. After planning the walk I noticed that there was a grassy area between the two summits, and after some googling I discovered that it was hike&fly summit. This meant that I could combine a nice walk with Win and Becky, with a flight back down to the valley. We started relatively early as I wasn’t sure how busy it would be, this would have been fine but there was a significant amount of cloud which wasn’t in the weather forecast. So this meant we had a chilly walk away from the Rofanseilbahn, and then soon ascended into the cloud. Thankfully before we got to the end of the ridge the cloud started to clear and we had beautiful views into. Read the full article…