After a few more days of snow the weather was forecast to improve in the afternoon, but we certainly did not expect the day we had. As the weather was still awful in the morning, and as it wasn’t a weekend we were able to enjoy a leisurely start. It was hard to believe we were going to have a good day when we left Munich in the snow, but we stuck with it, and we are so very glad we did.

We decided to do the Brunnenkopf because it was a relatively short day, up a fairly low peak, with the majority of the ascent up a good track. The initial part of the ascent was fairly pleasant due to a series of waterfalls on the stream which was by the path, however it did then drag on as we ascended in the forrest with no view. This lack of view also hid the improving weather, so when we broke out of the forrest and had our first view it was a total surprise. All the clouds had vanished, and left crystal clear air and snow covered mountains.

After admiring the views we were soon at the Brunnenkopfhütte and the end of the good path, and the end of the tracks which we could follow. The next section was hard work, Becky made use of her snow shoes, but I was left sinking into the soft wet snow. As we were climbing up I was wondering if the additional ascent would be worth it, but it definitely was. We had the summit to ourselves, with outstanding views in every direction and I am now certainly quite keen to do the Große Klammspitz later this year when the snow has vanished!

After enjoying our lunch we started the descent, which was fairly quick due to the snow making the descent down to the hütte very easy, and then the good path down was a great finish to the day.

Waterfall on the Dreisäuler Bach
Winter wonderland looking towards the Notkarspitze
Winter wonderland above Graswang
Becky admiring the amazing view
Climbing above the Brunnenkopfhütte with a view
Hard work in front of an outstanding view
Wire to the summit of the Brunnenkopf
Looking at the Große and Klein Klammspitz
Summit panorama from the Brunnenkopf
Brunnenkopf summit selfie
Descending and enjoying the view
Total distance: 9.71 km
Max elevation: 1665 m
Min elevation: 956 m
Total climbing: 779 m
Total descent: -779 m