After what has seemed like two weeks of glorious weather since I arrived back in Germany, the first bad weather day was of course on a Saturday. James and I were nonetheless keen to do something, as we both felt the need to improve our fitness.

We had planned to do a walk which had brilliant views, but given the conditions elected to do a mountain which is otherwise less inspiring. Unusually, and mostly due to the weather, we didn’t leave Munich until after 10 which made for a nice lie in.

The weather was pretty much as forecast, grey but not precipitating. The walk up was mostly up good tracks, until the last bit were we headed straight up the ridge, rather than circumnavigating the hill and doing a “there and back” to the top. We made excellent time and were at the top only 1h40 after leaving the car, after a short lunch break where we admired what the view was supposed to look like, we descended down the other side.

The descent was very enjoyable down through the forrest, and with the snow covering was very easy on the knees. We were soon back down in the valley after a short but enjoyable outing. It’s certainly one to come back to for a short day when the weather is better at some point.

There is meant to be a nice view!
James on the summit of Staffel
Descending through the woods
Total distance: 9.31 km
Max elevation: 1495 m
Min elevation: 740 m
Total climbing: 784 m
Total descent: -785 m