This year we started our alpine summer holiday in the Otztal in Austria. After driving out from Bristol we met up with some friends in the Sölden valley for the first weekend of the trip.

After the long drive down we wanted a short day on the first day, we we headed for the classic Klettersteig Stuibenfall, a relatively easy klettersteig which climbs up next to an impressive waterfall. As it was the weekend, close to the road, and not too difficult we knew it would be busy, and we were certainly not wrong! We spent most of the route in some form of queue, but as it was such a nice day, and we were catching up with out friends this was certainly not a problem. From the top we decided to have an extended walk back down to the car along the valley.

Unfortunately the Sunday had very unsettled weather, with just about no forecasts agreeing with how much rain there would be, or when it would hit. Due to this we made a plan in the morning to do a short walk up to a small hut at Pollesalm for some lunch. This was an enjoyable walk, which was followed by an excellent lunch, which was extended due to a very heavy shower passing as we were about to leave. We almost made it back to the valley dry, but the last 30mins was in some fairly heavy rain which left us all feeling a bit damp.

Crossing the bridge at the start of the Klettersteig
Group photo
Great views on one of the steeper sections
Group photo
The Waterfall
Long way down on the final section next to the falls
Great position next to the waterfall
Getting wet from the spray
One final bridge
Walking in the afternoon sun
Walking into Pollesalm
Leaving the Pollesalm Hütte