This weekend a very late decision lead me to join the university’s expedition society on a trip down to the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. Despite a very poor weather forecast we all remained very optimistic and it turned out that we were correct to optimistic as on Saturday we were treated with wall to wall sunshine. This lead to a very leisurely walk happening around the coast which included various beach stops, swimming and ice creams which made it feel very much like a holiday. Sunday however was not so good but I was never planning on doing anything on Sunday due to leaving for a backpacking trip along Hadrian’s wall leaving in two days time so wanted to rest for that.

It has been a long time since I have ventured down to Cornwall for walking or a holiday and I was blown away with just how beautiful it was so continued trying to focus on landscapes rather than people photos which is what I normally take more of while out walking. It was also part of my personal challenge at the moment to improve my landscape photography and I think I am finally starting to get better at visualising what will look good as a landscape (I hope!?).