Today was another energetic day for me as I headed up to Triscombe in the Quantock Hills to partake in another one of my hobbies, downhill mountain biking. It is one of my favourite hobbies as it mixes large amounts of adrenalin with skill and a lot of exercise as downhill biking is actually very tiring and in the UK once you get to the bottom you have to push back up. While it is one of my favourite hobbies it is one that unfortunately I have little time for and this is only the second time I have been out this year.

I headed up with a friend from Exeter and we met up with some of his friends there, it turned out to be a very long day as we didn’t leave until about 6 due to not realising how late it was due to having lots of fun and the long days at the moment.

This is the first time I have been to Triscombe and I was very impressed with the trails, they were all a decent length (which does have the downside of a long push up!) and very varied with lots of technical sections over rock and roots and is the place I have enjoyed going to most in the South West for downhill biking and am already planning a trip there next term while using the uplift service to enable more riding and less pushing!

It was also the first time I have properly ridden with my camera for two reasons, firstly due to a fear of falling off and damaging the camera and secondly due to thinking I would spend the whole time riding worrying about falling off which in turn would make me more likely to fall off. But thankfully while I was riding the camera on my back did not enter my mind once and I was still able to enjoy myself but could also stop where there was a photo opportunity.