This weekend was the annual meet up of lots of university caving clubs, and this year it was up in Yorkshire at the Dalesbridge Center. It was a very cold weekend with snow forecast but we decided to go caving anyway and headed up to Gaping Gill.

I went to Gaping Gill with a specific photo in mind, but overlooked the fact that it is winter up north and it gets dark early so when we got to main chamber it was dark outside which was fairly disappointing but I tried to make the best of the situation and came up with these photos.

It was so cold outside that the waterfall that is normally the main waterfall was barely flowing due to the water at the top freezing and all the water coming down the waterfall that is normally the smaller of the two. This also meant that when we left the cave the hour long walk back to the car at -3 degrees was a fairly cold experience and our caving oversuits froze while they were on us!