On Saturday evening myself and David from Vero Photography were booked to shoot the North Herefordshire Hunt ball in the evening  so we decided to go along to the hunt (hound exercise and trail hunting) in the aim to get some more business and have some fun while we were up there.

I have hunted all my life on horse back but we discovered that it is a lot harder to follow the hunt on foot, especially when you don’t have a four wheel drive car, my poor focus went to places that it just should not have been!

The weather was stunning on Saturday though with the low autumn sun this lead to very contrasty light which made photography very difficult as it was hard enough keeping up with the hunt, let along making sure the sun was on the right side relative to us and the hunt! Though the warm weather due to the sun did make it a much more pleasurable experience at least!

Overall it was a great day out and we learnt a lot about following the hunt on foot and we are looking forward to next time on the 18th December before we shoot the North Hereford Hunt Indoor Showjumping at Kings Equestrian Center again the day after on the 19th.