After 3 days of wonderful skiing above a persistent cloud inversion, it was a treat to drive up the valley this morning and see the peaks from the valley. This could mean only one thing, time to ditch the skies and get into the sky!

Due to some fog in the morning I was not entirely sure about if a take off would be possible when I left the valley, so set off with my skis and glider. After a quick blast down an easy run, I caught the lift up to the take off at Choralpe and was pleased to see that the fog was clearing and the landing site was clear. This meant it was time for my first take off with skis on, and needless to say it was a bit of a faff, but the actual take off and landing was very easy.

After a bit more skiing with Becky when her lesson had finished, we called it a day and headed down to the valley to ditch the skis and pickup our gliders. We then caught the lift up, walked across to Choralpe and then head some lunch with a wonderful view.

After watching some other paragliders take off and enjoy some weak winter thermals, we both setup our gliders enjoyed easy launches despite the snow. With the views and the snow covered scenery it really was a beautiful flight back down the large launch site. I quickly packed up my glider and headed back up for a sunset flight down, which was beautiful.

Looking forward to more winter flying as the winter progresses!

Wonderful views on the morning flight
First flight with Skis
Flight Selfie
Big steps on the take off
Becky flying off into the distance
Becky in the wonderful scenary
Looking down at Becky
Looking up at Becky
Becky circling above me
Wonderful sunset and moonrise on the final flight