With a terrible forecast for most areas it took us a while to settle on an objective. We knew that in some places we had a brief spell of dry weather in the morning, that we wanted to do a klettersteig, and if possible wanted to be high up in the mountains. We ended up settling on the Fernau Klettersteig which is a the end of the Stubaital and is a short Klettersteig directly from a lift station, which started running at 8am.

There are two klettersteigs from the Fernau lift, a very difficult “E” graded route and an easier “D” graded route. As it was our first klettersteig in a while and the weather forecast wasn’t great we elected for the easier route. This involved a few hundred meters of climbing and a few short sections of “D” with the majority being “C”.

In the morning there was much more cloud than we were hoping for, but this gave us some fairly atmospheric views on the ascent. The route itself was enjoyable, but due to the setting in a ski resort, and the fact it was fairly short was nothing to write home about, but it was an excellent use of a day which would otherwise have been spend in the van!

As we were descending the cloud did start to lift a bit, and as we passed a small lake I actually regretted not having a towel with me as it was fairly warm in the sun! We were back down in the lift station in good time and sat and enjoyed a drink and some chips in the sun before descending back down into the valley.

Interesting moves early on up the arete
Fleeting views down the atmospheric valley
Enoyable scrambling higher up on the route
Wonderful positions
Some downclimbing
Nearing the end of the difficulties on an exposed section
Atmospheric views down the valley
Habicht emerging from the cloud
Summit selfie
Fleeting views of the mountains on the descent
Reflections on the descent
Total distance: 2.75 km
Max elevation: 2598 m
Min elevation: 2292 m
Total climbing: 331 m
Total descent: -332 m