After staying the night in Garmisch we headed up the valley in the morning on the train to start our walk from Eschenlohe. The initial ascent looked brutal from the valley, and felt no better while on the route. To start with the walk was fairly flat and in the woods until we got to the start of the obvious gorge, at this point the path became vague and very steep. It didn’t relent until the summit from this point!

The initial ascent headed up the side of the gorge in the woods and then up to the scree slope which took us to the top, while the scree slope was as steep as it looked there was a good path which took us all the way to the top.

After a large amount of water and some well earned food we were then able to enjoy the rest of the ridge. The views while walking along the ridge were brilliant and kept changing as we went around different corners. It was great to be out on a beautiful sunny day, while not seeing many people so close to Munich. After our high point on Bischof we decided we were getting short of time, so descended down to the mid station on the Wankbahn, rather than climbing another steep slope in the woods to get to the summit of Wank.

The views descending from the mid station on the gondola were just fantastic as it provided a stunning panorama over the Zugspitze. After a short walk to the train station we were then whisked back to Munich in time to sit in a beer garden with our friends when they finished work.

Steep ascent up to the Kistenkar
Steep ascent up to the Kistenkar
Steep ascent up to the Kistenkar
Looking towards the Oberer Rißkopf and Krottenkopf
Looking towards Austria
Becky walking towards Weilheimer Hütte
Looking back towards Hohe Kisten
Walking to the col before the Bischof
Ascending the Bischof
Bischof selfie
Looking down the Mittenwald valley
Descending from Bischof
Descending from Bischof
Walking towards Hoher Flicken
Descending with a view
A gondola with a view
Total distance: 18.04 km
Max elevation: 2025 m
Min elevation: 684 m
Total climbing: 1582 m
Total descent: -1087 m