Due to weary legs combined with very strong winds forecast we elected to have a lie in combined with an easier day. We elected to climb An Socach, which meant that again we could make great use of the bikes on the approach along estate tracks.

The cycle in was fairly short, but harder work than expected due to the headwind, which was a sign of how windy it was going to be on the summit ridge. We made good time on the ascent which as very sheltered, and had a bit of a shock at just how windy it was on the summits. It felt more like winter than may!

Despite walking into the wind along the 3km summit ridge we made good time and were at the summit 2hrs after leaving the van. We then made a hasty retreat back along the ridge and out of the wind. The views on the summit ridge were excellent, we could see a long way in most directions as the cloud base was above all but the highest summits.

After making good time on the descent we were back at the bikes, and were able to enjoy an easy cycle down the valley back to the van with a tailwind. This meant we made it back to the van 3hrs45mins after leaving it.

Cycling up the Baddoch Glen
Cycling up the Baddoch Glen
Good views on the ascent
Windy on the summit ridge
Head down into the wind
Great views when we could look up
Summit selfie
Becky on An Socach
Easier going on the descent
Descending out of the wind
Easy cycle back to the van