Since my last blog post where I went out on the back of one of my friends motorbike around Somerset and Cheddar gorge, I have headed back to Exeter where I finally got a chance to go on the back of another friends bike down here so got to go on the wonderful roads around Devon and on Dartmoor.

I knew the roads across Dartmoor were good driving roads in a car and good fun too as when I got my new car last year I drove across it many times for fun and to learn how my car handled.  On the back of the bike they were even better, crusing along the twisting roads on the top of Dartmoor on a beautiful spring day was amazing.

Unfortunately we could only spend a few hours out as we had to get back to Exeter to meet up with some friends and head out for a walk along the river to the pub, it’s a hard life! But it has left me greatly looking forward to the weather getting good again and providing another chance to head out on the bike again for some more fun and photos!