With the United Nations recent decision to back a no fly zone over Libya and in my opinion the most likely jet of ours to be deployed being the Eurofighter Typhoon due to the probability of air to air combat meaning that jets that have air superiority are required. For this we have two alternatives, the Tornado F3 or the Typhoon and there isn’t much of a choice with the F3s due to retire next week and the Typhoons ability to attack ground targets too. There are however alternatives for just ground attack which are the Tornado GR4 which are currently deployed in Afghanistan so fairly busy or the Harrier GR9 which have just being retired along with the carrier which the Harriers can land on.

So with this information in mind I have decided to write this blog post in respect of the pilots that are going to be send into the front line where they are likely to come into danger from both air and ground and to show off the great aircraft that is the Eurofighter Typhoon which I think is the most likely British aircraft to be deployed.

These photos are all taken in either Snowdonia or the Lake District of the pilots practising their low flying skills to enable them to avoid detection from the enemy and show why the RAF have some of the best pilots in the world due to their ability to train in the mountains for real whenever they need to in order to keep their stills as high as necessary.

In closing I wish the best of luck to all the pilots from the many countries involved that get sent out there and may they all return safely to their respective countries after their deployment!