Yesterday I joined up with a local biking club to do some downhill mountain biking which is another of my hobbies, though due to being busy I haven’t managed to do any since the alps this summer. We headed down to Tavistock to ride the downhill tracks built by the Woodland Riders one of which being ‘Gawton’ and the other ‘Tavi-Woodlands’.

I forgot how hard work it is biking in the UK without the benefit of having ski lifts to take you up to the top and instead having to push 18kg bikes to the top! This has been my first attempt at taking pictures of downhill biking and I found out the hard way that in woods you really have to use multiple off camera flashes as even on bright days with fast glass there isn’t enough light to take action photos without off camera flashes.  Unfortunatly when we headed over to Tavi-Woodlands for some tracks which are more open the sun had already dropped below the trees so the light there wasn’t great either but was still significantly greater than in the woods.