At the end of August/start of September I went to Fiesch in Switzerland with my family and some family friends for 2 weeks of mountaineering, downhill mountain biking and climbing.  We had a fantastic time while we were out there but of course with me being a photographer my camera went everywhere with me (apart from the biking).  At some points I did question why I was doing this, for example, when I was walking up a 4000m mountain and had 5kg of camera gear on my shoulder!  But overall I am so glad I did as some of the sites we saw were fantastic.

While we were out there we experienced all types of weather, the start of the holiday was 30 degree temperatures which makes strenuous exercise more difficult but it then cooled down and we had lots of sunny weather but nicer temperatures but also snow at resort level!  But despite this we didn’t have a single day when we didn’t get out even if it did mean wrapping up warm and going for a walk while it was snowing!

I thought I would share these 6 photos that I took throughout the holiday