After a very warm January we were not expecting there to be snow on the mid January Avon Mountaineering Club’s trip to North Wales. However the winter seems to have just about started and we enjoyed a nice snowy walk in the Carneddau.

The weather forecast was fairly mixed with one forecast suggesting that west was best and the other suggesting that east was best. Due to this we decided to go north in the hope we would get the best of what was available. The weather during the day was fine, it was cool and dry without much wind, but there was cloud above 600m all day which meant that we didn’t get any views which was a bit of a shame.

We decided to walk up Carnedd Llewelyn from the northeast from Cwm Eigiau. Our plan was the walk up to Bwlch Eryl Farchog before heading to the summit having found a route from trail magazine which recommended it. However this didn’t look very probably from the bottom, and looked even less probable from the start of the steep bit. Due to this we retraced our steps and took the longer walk to the summit, which it is safe to say that it was a fair slog in the cloud!

After lunch in the summit we made good time back down, and only got out of the cloud as we descended below about 500m.

Walking towards Llyn Eigiau
Looking back towards Llyn Eigiau
Walking into Cwm Eigiau
Snowy retreat back into the valley
Into the clag
Summit photo
Katherine when we finally had a view