A few months ago I went out on the back of a friends Honda CBR 600 and since then he has changed his bike to a more comfortable sports tourer for general use and for a bike tour to Italy that he is going on in a few weeks. As I am now back home I had to go out for a ride on the back of the bike. It was far more comfortable to be a pillion passenger on than the CBR which was great and to go with the extra comfort the ride was far more relaxing with smoother gear changes and a much quieter engine.

As per usual I took my camera out on the bike and we found a quiet road near to Badminton park with lovely scenery where we could do some standard biking photos and have some fun, we then headed over to Badminton park which is an large park which is beautiful and has a large amount of deer in it which we were lucky enough to see as we were driving towards the lake so I had to stop and take some pictures. As we arrived in the park the weather changed from overcast and dull to lovely and sunny, we were also lucky enough that in some directions there was still a really moody grayish sky in the background.