Well with the second batch of snow in under a month cancelling my second job in 2 weeks due to the snow and horses not being able to compete when the ground is all frozen and covered in snow I have been trying to make the most of it for pleasure purposes as although it is a pain it does make for some stunning scenery, though unfortunately there has been no more snowboarding (Snowboarding in Bath).

So during Christmas week I went walking with my family and family friends around the Cotswolds which were stunning in the snow. Then for Christmas I headed up to my Gran’s with the rest of my family which is where the horses are kept so I went out into the fields while they were exercising them there as the roads were too icy to go out on and finally on Boxing day we went for a very atmospheric walk in the snow covered Malvern Hills with our cousins.

And thankfully the snow now seems to be thawing extremely quickly, with tropical temperature of 9 degrees at home today!